Top 12 Cities for Culture

24 August 2012

Where are the most culturally rich cities in the world? The World Cities Culture Report has named its Top 12 choices. Do you agree with the picks?

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Some might say it’s hard—impossible even—to rank cities according to culture, but a report created by the Mayor of London and a British consulting firm does just that.

The World Cities Culture Report has named 12 cities around the globe that the authors feels epitomize culture. The cities are selected and measured based on a combination of 60 factors, including number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, number of film festivals, number of comedy clubs, number of bookstores and number of green space and public parks.

Which cities made the list? Check out the Top 12 culturally rich cities below!



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"Istanbul is both an ancient and modern city. Its first Neolithic settlements date from 8,500 years ago. The Greeks founded Byzantium there in 700 BC, before it became, as Constantinople, the eastern capital of the Roman Empire, and then the capital of the Ottoman Empire for almost five centuries. Now, although Istanbul is no longer a capital, it is the largest city of a fast-growing nation-state. Its location on the Bosporus makes it a bridge between Europe and Asia."


Do you agree? What city is your TOP PICK for CULTURE?


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