Top Tourist Scams

The 10 Most Common Travel Scams

8 January 2013

Stay safe while travelling! Here are the 10 scams most frequently perpetrated on travellers—and how to avoid them.

Avoiding the Bangkok Taxi Scam

7 August 2012

Like many cities, Bangkok’s taxi drivers have a “special” fare for foreigners. Here’s how to avoid seven common tuk tuk and taxi scams.

Behind the Scenes in Bangkok
with Scam City

6 August 2012

Bangkok is an easy city to target tourists. In this exclusive Q&A, Scam City host Conor Woodman explains the psychology behind the city’s most famous con: the gem scam.

Don’t get scammed in Delhi

26 July 2012

Delhi is home to countless fascinating historical sites, but it’s also home to countless frustrating scams. Read India travel expert Mariellen Ward’s top 5 tips and stay one step ahead.

At the New Delhi Train Station

24 July 2012

Porters at the New Delhi Train Station can spot a foreigner a mile away — and they often hike up the price by about that margin, too. But one day when Mariellen Ward needed help, a porter went that extra mile …

Behind the Scenes in Delhi
with Conor Woodman

23 July 2012

India’s notorious medical scams aren’t only dangerous—they’re potentially deadly. Scam City host Conor Woodman tells T+E what it was like to go undercover in Delhi.

Avoiding Pickpockets
in the Grand Bazaar

18 July 2012

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is a must-visit spectacle of glittering merchandise and thick crowds — which makes it a paradise for pickpockets. Here’s how to keep your money and valuables safe.