Olympics in London

Watching Bolt in Style

12 August 2012

The Olympics may be over, but the excitement of being a part of them—and the experience of watching Usain Bolt’s historic moment in one of London’s poshest neighbourhoods—lives on for Rachel Stuckey.

Jamaica Celebrates Bolt and Independence

6 August 2012

Today marks Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence—and, appropriately, a celebration of yesterday’s gold-medal win by the fastest man in the world.

Top 5 Ways to Escape the Olympics

6 August 2012

Rachel Stuckey was pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s actually a great time to experience London like a Londoner. From touring “unseen” London to enjoying high tea, here are her five top ways to escape the Olympics.

A tale of two Olympic teams

2 August 2012

As a volleyball player herself, Rachel Stuckey knows a thing or two about the sport — and she was shocked when she saw the two teams, Great Britain and Italy, entering the arena. She saw immediately what was going to happen.

On the Fence at the Olympics

1 August 2012

Rachel Stuckey attends her first-ever Olympic sporting event and gets swept up in a historic, and heart-wrenching, moment during the women’s fencing competition when Korean Shin A Lam has to wait an hour by herself for a ruling.

Olympics Medal for
Heathrow Airport

31 July 2012

Rachel Stuckey arrived at Heathrow Airport in London one day before the Olympics. While visions of an airport apocalypse danced in her head, the reality turned out to be quite different indeed…

Getting to the Olympics

12 July 2012

No, this article is not about training. It’s everything you need to know to buy tickets and find your way around London for the Summer Olympics 2012.