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Scam City crosses the globe visiting ten of the world’s most popular cities. A travel show with a twist we expose the darker side of tourism: the scammers and con men circling like sharks on the fringes of the tourist trade. Presenter Conor Woodman will meet with them, going undercover and into their lives to discover how scammers profit from hard-earned travel money. He will discover the local specialties of crime against travellers – every bit as distinct as the local foods and dialects.

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Paris – Scam City

Paris will never seem the same after Conor Woodman takes you into the world of pick-up artists, French paintings (by the Chinese), pick-pockets and slight-of-hand scams.

Bogota – Scam City

Conor Woodman explores the city of Bogota, where cocaine cartels and paramilitary groups once ruled the city’s streets. After decades of violence, Bogota is now a burgeoning tourist destination.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a place where nothing is what it seems and Conor goes shopping for antiques and is sold an expensive jug from the Ming dynasty, only to find out that it wasn’t exactly what he thought it was.

Amsterdam – Scam City

As daylight fades, the scammers emerge from the shadows readying themselves for a nights work in one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, Amsterdam. Conor meets the city’s pickpockets, fake police and ATM skimming gangs.

Mumbai – Scam City

In Mumbai Conor Woodman experiences the mother of all taxi scams minutes after his arrival from the airport. Conor is then approached by a woman who says she can make him a Bollywood star.

Jerusalem – Scam City

Conor Woodman discovers the holy city of Jerusalem, where scam artists have been perfecting their craft for thousands of years. From fake holy men at the Western Wall, to pickpockets on the Mount of Olives, Conor uncovers the truth.

New York City – Scam City

Conor Woodman immerses himself in the Big Apple and find outs that Zero Tolerance hasn’t swept tourist scams from the streets.

Mexico City – Scam City

Conor Woodman discovers the paradox that is Mexico City. From the moment he takes a taxi from the airport he is on a mission to find out about the kidnapping scam of the city’s taxis.

New Orleans – Scam City

In New Orleans Conor becomes victim to culturally bespoke scams unique to this city. He starts by experiencing street level scammers …the small fry that feed off the Mardi Gras Street Carnival.

Bangkok – Scam City

Conor returns to Bangkok to see if the gem scam he first encountered there is still being run – and to discover even more elaborate ones.

Las Vegas – Scam City

Conor goes on a journey from the swankiest casinos and nightclubs to beneath the Strip itself, where tunnel dwellers live in the storm drains. Conor discovers the realities of life in “Sin City”, away from the glittering façade.

Dehli – Scam City

Conor tries to unearth some of the deadly scams that Delhi has to offer, just be sure to watch out for all those quack doctors who will prescribe you anything and everything in order to line their pockets with your cash.

Istanbul – Scam City

In a clever feat of his own, Conor turns the tables on a scammer, and convinces him to become an operative for the film. It’s punishing work, but the reward is worth the effort in the end.

Rome – Scam City

In Rome, Conor Woodman finds rogue Centurions who threaten tourists and unsheathe their swords to fight over territory. There is a turf war underway in Rome, in which tourists have become the spectators and the prize.

Marrakech – Scam City

Conor Woodman enters into the labyrinthine city of Marrakech; a maze-like world where you’re lost without a guide, but there’s no way to be sure whose side the guide is on.

Rio – Scam City

Millions of tourists descend on the city for the biggest party on the planet. With so many travelers reveling on the streets it’s party time for Rio’s scammers too.

Prague – Scam City

As day turns to night, Prague’s scammers ready themselves for the scores of tourists enjoying the cities nightlife and who are completely unaware they’ve been marked by those who disguise themselves as beautiful girls, harmless hawkers and friendly taxi drivers.

Avoiding the Bangkok Taxi Scam

Like many cities, Bangkok’s taxi drivers have a “special” fare for foreigners. Here’s how to avoid seven common tuk tuk and taxi scams.

Behind the Scenes in Bangkok
with Scam City

Bangkok is an easy city to target tourists. In this exclusive Q&A, Scam City host Conor Woodman explains the psychology behind the city’s most famous con: the gem scam.

Don’t get scammed in Delhi

Delhi is home to countless fascinating historical sites, but it’s also home to countless frustrating scams. Read India travel expert Mariellen Ward’s top 5 tips and stay one step ahead.

At the New Delhi Train Station

Porters at the New Delhi Train Station can spot a foreigner a mile away — and they often hike up the price by about that margin, too. But one day when Mariellen Ward needed help, a porter went that extra mile …

Avoiding Pickpockets
in the Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is a must-visit spectacle of glittering merchandise and thick crowds — which makes it a paradise for pickpockets. Here’s how to keep your money and valuables safe.

Getting Scammed in Istanbul with Conor Woodman

Scam City’s Conor Woodman found that Turkey’s scams are much more sophisticated than traditional stealing. Find out what he learned about dodgy places and shady characters while filming in Istanbul.

Getting Tea’d Off In China

You will want to enjoy the ritual of drinking tea while you’re in China. But beware the Chinese Tea Scam! Read on to find out how it works so you’ll be prepared.

Argentina’s Fake Money Trail

Buenos Aires is home to an extensive counterfeit money ring that can fool even the savviest traveller. Scam City location researcher Leticia Meruvia takes us behind the scenes and tells how easy it is for even the pros to get tricked.

4 Common Taxi Scams
in Buenos Aires

If you think you’re getting the run-around, you probably are. It’s one of the top four scams taxi drivers try to pull on tourists. Follow these tips to avoid getting scammed!

5 Tips and Must-Know Phrases
for Buenos Aires

Don’t bring home any bad memories as souvenirs from Buenos Aires. Follow these five tips and learn these essential Spanish phrases to play it safe in Argentina’s exciting capital city.

Top 5 Tourist Scams

Scammers and con games are an unfortunate part of travelling, but knowing about the most common scams ahead of time is half the battle. Read on and arm yourself with knowledge!

Scam City:
On the Hunt in Barcelona

Scam City’s production coordinator, Sara Nourizadeh, found that Barcelona is the perfect hunting ground for a cast of colourful characters—from con men magicians to scheming prostitutes.

The Smiling Buddha Scam

In Southeast Asia, some people resort to imitating Buddhists monks to scam unsuspecting tourists. Here’s what you need to know to avoid being duped by a fake monk.

On Set in Spain with
Scam City’s Conor Woodman

Pickpockets, prostitutes and police—it’s all in a day’s work for Scam City host Conor Woodman. Here, he tells us what it was like to film (and go undercover as a transexual prostitute!) in Barcelona, Spain.

Busting the Blessing Scam

Mariellen Ward arrived in the sacred town of Rishikesh, on the Ganges River in north India, to find her serenity threatened by a malevolent force. She fought back.

Scam City: Spies at the Vatican

In this behind-the-scenes look at Scam City’s Rome episode, researcher on location Luca Gastaldi shares how the crew channelled their inner 007s to escape scammers hot on their heels at the Vatican.

5 Tips for Avoiding Pickpockets

It may not be possible for tourists and travellers to entirely avoid pickpockets, but if you follow these tips, you can make their job a lot harder.

Beware the Turkey Coin Con

Turkey’s bazaars are famous for gold. You can buy gold rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and even gold coins for a reasonable price. But beware of anyone trying to sell you Ottoman coins—you might be the target of the Turkey coin con!

Top 5 Tips for Haggling in a Souk

Haggling in a souk (a Middle Eastern market) is one of the joys of travel—if you know how to do it. Follow these tips and you’ll be scooping up bargains like a pro in Marrakesh, Egypt or Turkey no time.

Behind the Scenes of
Scam City Marrakech

Nothing is as it seems in Marrakech, writes Scam City’s associate producer, Martin Paquette, in this behind-the-scenes account of carpets and card tricks in Morocco.

Bangkok’s Top 5 Taxi Scams

Bangkok is an exciting, vibrant city. But it’s also home to scams, such as taxi drivers who try to take unsuspecting travellers for a ride. Here’s how to be prepared.

Scam City: Conned at Carnival

Scam City’s researcher on location, Leticia Meruvia, takes us behind the scenes of Scam City and into the cons of Rio de Janeiro’s famous Carnival.

Top 5 Family Travel Tips

Michelle Duffy travelled around the world with her husband and two children for a year—and unfortunately ran into some con artists and thieves along the way. Here’s what she learned about playing it safe.

Scammed in the Sun: Behind the Scenes of Scam City Rio

In this week’s episode of Scam City, host Conor Woodman found a place in the sun—and in the scammer’s sight. Leticia Meruvia, Scam City’s researcher on location, talks about filming on Copacabana Beach, in Rio de Janeiro.

Avoiding Istanbul’s Favourite Scam

Travelling to Istanbul, Turkey? Avoid getting scammed. Here’s some advice about how to deal with the most common con game taxi drivers try to pull on unsuspecting tourists.

Top 5 Cons in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a sophisticated city that’s popular with tourists — and the conmen who prey on tourists. But learning the most common con games can help to keep you safe.

Scam City: A Spy’s Arrival in Prague

Setting the scene in Prague for the premiere of Travel+Escape’s new series, Scam City, required some creative planning—and a bit of James Bond style. Assistant producer Meg Barnard shares a few show secrets.

Danger in the Dark in Buenos Aires

Rease Kirchner knows better. As a regular traveller to Buenos Aires, Argentina, she knows all the con games and what to do — and where to avoid — to stay safe. But then, one night…

Scam City is in Prague!

Scam City is a hot new show on Travel+Escape that crosses the globe to expose the biggest tourist scams and con games in the underbelly of some of the world’s most popular cities. Host Conor Woodman answers questions about what it was like to film in Prague.

Gone, Gone, Gone in Guadalajara

The one time they didn’t follow the golden rule of road tripping, Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl paid the price and got an unwanted glimpse of the chop-shop underbelly of Guadalajara, Mexico.