Rebel Without a Kitchen Season 2

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Join host Matt “Fidel Gastro” Basile and his team on a street food crawl across North America, revealing delicious food, wacky personalities, and encouraging stories along the way. In this second season he’s out to try all of it: food trucks, pop ups, food carts, food stands, and street food inspired restaurants. From New York to New Orleans, Miami to Montreal, Matt will discover what’s trending in each area, leaning on locals to help guide his food journey. Watch as Matt plugs into the street food movement across the nation, one bite at a time.

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Rebel of Queens – Rebel Without A Kitchen

New York City’s street food scene is large and diverse; it can be a little intimidating., but Matt’s ready to tackle it. Matt’s been invited to pop-up at Viva La Comida, an event that celebrates New York’s diverse street food scene.

Right Some Good – Rebel Without A Kitchen

Matt pops up at North America’s original gourmet pop-up dining festival, Right Some Good, in Cape Breton. With fresh seafood available right at his fingertips, Matt scopes out the East Coast food scene to prepare a festival worthy dish.

Goodbye Hogtown – Rebel Without A Kitcen

With an incredible year behind him, Matt decides to broaden his scope and discover the street food scene in other cities all across North America. Toasting to where it all began, Matt decides to do one more event in Toronto before saying goodbye and hitting the road. He’ll be popping up at Toronto’s favourite summer event, the Canadian National Exhibition.

Museum Madness – Rebel Without A Kitchen

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has asked that Fidel pop-up at their Friday Night Live event. He needs to bring his A-game but he’s barely been spending time with Kyla without work being involved, and it’s begun to take its toll.

On the Move – Rebel Without A Kitchen

With a whole year on the road popping up and a brand new truck to roll in, business is officially booming. Fidel must figure out what are his new opportunities, new menus, next places to pop up and next steps.

Restaurant Heist – Rebel Without A Kitchen

The Yukon bar asks Fidel to host a restaurant take-over. With an unfamiliar kitchen, unknown servers and a full dinner service, does he have what it takes to run a restaurant?

Meals on Wheels – Rebel Without A Kitchen

Fidel visits the original pop-father to brainstorm some off the wall pop-up ideas. With the city as their inspiration, Fidel and the pop-father come up with a Toronto Tour Bus Pop-up. Fun? Yes. Doable? Maybe.

The First Supper – Rebel Without A Kitchen

Fidel is taking his pop-up to the next level…into a dining room, with proper chairs, cutlery and plates! He’s been asked to pop-up for The Restaurant Club, a group of foodies that get together to try different restaurants each month.

Fan and Food Frenzy

At a University of Toronto pop-up event, Rebel Without a Kitchen star Matt Basile discovered the good and the bad of the food truck industry.

Touchdown – Rebel Without A Kitchen

Fidel meets with food truck promoter, Suresh Doss, to discuss Fidel’s participation at the Awestruck Awards; the first food truck awards in Canada. Fidel has been nominated for Best Pop-Up.

The Street Food Balancing Act

Rebel Without a Kitchen’s Matt Basile comes face-to-face with his own success, as well as with a hearty group of pop-up food lovers.

About Fidel

Meet Matt Basile (better known as Fidel Gastro in the food world), the host of Travel+Escape’s new series, Rebel Without a Kitchen!