Chefs Run Wild

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Three chefs from Winnipeg ditch their stable jobs in search of edible explorations in Asia.

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Malaysia – Chefs Run Wild

From one city to another, the chefs move through markets and food stalls sampling and learning how to make new dishes with the locals.

China – Chefs Run Wild

The chefs celebrate the end of their epic six-month journey with stinky tofu and duck heads. They also overcome the language barriers and visit the Great Wall.

Chefs Run Wild Web Exclusive

The boys from Chefs Run Wild share the most gruesome and exciting parts of their journey in this web exclusive, only on Travel + Escape.


In this candid behind-the-scenes exclusive with T+E Senior Editor Gariné Tcholakian, the stars of Chefs Run Wild dish the goods on what it was like to make a wild travel show and travel across Southeast Asia for 6 months. JOIN THE LIVE CONVERSATION with Chad, Clayton and Lyndon on TWITTER @TravelandEscape ~ Follow #ChefsRunWild

Cambodia with a splash

Get your Buddha on and experience one of Cambodia’s most refreshing celebrations with Chefs Run Wild’s Chad Klyne.

Honeycomb on a Hangover

Enjoyed last night’s episode of Chefs Run Wild? Here’s Chad with an extra behind-the-scene scoop about Laos, honeycombs and hangovers – and the thrill of the wildly unexpected.

Running Wild:
Thaipusam Festival

What’s it like to witness the customs and rituals of Malaysia’s yearly Thaipusam Festival? Find out as Clayton shares the experience from the shoot on Chefs Run Wild.

Out of this world: Atop Indonesia’s Mount Bromo

Chef’s Run Wild’s Chad, Clayton and Lyndon climb Mount Bromo and discover themselves amidst the most picturesque, cloud-covered view point imaginable. “It was almost as if it were a dream atop the most beautiful mountain, surrounded by lush trees and a view of what seemed like a different planet,” says Chad.


What’s it like to discover Bali’s juiciest roasted suckling pig when you’re starving, tired and on a tight budget? You’re about to find out.


Sometimes the most memorable moments of a journey are far from what you would expect them to be.

Chefs Run Wild Preview

Three chefs from Winnipeg, Chad and Clayton Klyne and Lyndon Wiebe, ditch their stable jobs in search of edible explorations in Asia. Tuesdays 8 ET/ 5 PT on Travel+Escape.