National Park Secrets And Legends

National Park Secrets And Legends

Mysterious things happen out in the wilderness, past the well-traveled campgrounds, hikes and scenery. The series NATIONAL PARK SECRETS & LEGENDS takes you beyond the ordinary into the virtually unexplored areas of North America’s national parks. From occult murders to secret military ops, there’s a surprise behind every remote corner.

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    Hollow Earth
    The Confluence is where the Mighty Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers meet, one of the most inaccessible areas of the entire Grand Canyon. It’s also a place where a Park Ranger sees ghosts from a plane crash, an explorer discovers Egyptian objects in a cave, and a young academic is shown a portal to another world. The ancient legends of the Hopi Indians may shed light on the mysterious power in the Grand Canyon.
    Mount Shasta
    Inexplicable disappearances and stories of mysterious DNA experiments may be explained by ancient Karuk Indian legend of a race of superhumans living above at the summit of California’s Mount Shasta National Park.
    Evil In The Everglades
    A plane crash in Everglades National Park leads to strange hauntings on other aircraft, and two serial killers are inexplicably drawn to the murky swamps of Everglades, Some believe the Park may exert a dark, transformative power.
    Montana’s Glacier National Park may hide a secret underground Nazi base, where Nazi scientists built advanced flying technology, and may even be the final hideout for Adolf Hitler himself.
    UFOs At Joshua Tree
    Since the 1950’s, strange encounters at Joshua Tree National Park have made it a hotbed for UFO sightings and alien encounters. A California engineer claims aliens have compelled him to build a unique, advanced structure in the heart of the Park – one that some believe may be time machine. His breath-taking, magical building draws others who believe an ancient race of aliens may have visited Joshua Tree hundreds of thousands of years ago, conducting an advanced DNA experiment that will leave viewers shocked.
    Pele's Curse
    Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park is a vast, lifeless lava field that exhibits strange powers. One man’s perfect life goes into a downward spiral after he takes sand and lava rock out of the Park. Two tourists are found dead, one burned all over her body in a way no one can explain. Another man narrowly avoids a violent accident after a ghostly encounter with a strange figure. The thread holding these stories together is the Hawaiian goddess Pele, who according to legend wreaks havoc on anyone who incurs her wrath.
    Gettysburg Ghosts
    Though many have long believed the historic battlefield of Gettysburg is haunted, this episode reveals that the Park’s huge natural quartz content may act as a camera, capturing agonizing battlefield moments and playing them back like a movie.
    Monsters In El Yunque
    Few know that one of the United States’ most mysterious National Parks is not even in the Continental U.S. It’s El Yunque, in Puerto Rico, and some believe it’s home to a terrifying creature called the Chucabara. This violent monster has attacked animals and occasionally, humans in and near El Yunque, and some believe it may be some kind of US military genetic experiment gone wrong. But UFO sightings over the Park suggest an even greater mystery, and possibly a government cover-up of one of the largest hidden research bases in the world.