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Forget email. Mail a postcard. Especially when you can do it from one of the world's most unusual post offices, like here, Port Lockroy, Antarctica. Or, how about underwater in the South Pacific? On the side of an active volcano?

The World’s Weirdest Post Offices

by Red Hunt

Forget email. Mail a postcard. Especially when you can do it from one of the world’s most unusual post offices, like Port Lockroy, Antarctica. Or, how about underwater in the South Pacific? On on the side of an active volcano?

On the road in Madagascar: Finding happiness through travel

Finding Happiness Through Travel

by Red Hunt

Years ago, Red Hunt had a revelation while travelling among the strange landscapes and happy people of Madagascar. It changed his life.

Travel Like A Pro In No Time!

How to Travel Like a Pro!

by Red Hunt

Experience breeds confidence when it comes to travel, but you can get up to speed quickly with these tips. In no time, you will be transformed from a timid traveller into a confident road warrior!


Photo Gallery: Galapagos Wildlife

by Red Hunt

Explore one of the world’s most incredible wildlife wonder destinations through this series photos by Red Hunt.


The Perfect 5-Day Road Trip

by Red Hunt

If you’re looking to explore the (not so) Wild West, consider this 5-day family road trip in Arizona – prep time and epic stop at the glorious Grand Canyon, included.


San Diego’s Top Family Attractions

by Red Hunt

San Diego is one of the largest and safest cities in the U.S.A. Lined with beaches on the Pacific Ocean, it’s jam-packed with fun things to do for both kids and adults.


Canada’s secret winter hot spots

by Red Hunt

Need a little winter warm-up or just want a relaxing getaway? You don’t need to get out of Canada – take a hot springs holiday in Banff, Alberta or British Columbia.


I say Iguazú, you say Iguaçu

by Red Hunt

Carnival is not the only reason to travel to South America.The best waterfalls Red Hunt has ever seen or photographed are in Argentina. And Brazil. Find out which side of the spectacular Iguassu Falls is best!


Chile’s Tapati Festival

by Red Hunt

Easter Island is famous for monumental statues carved generations ago. But every year, the traditional culture is celebrated with performances and contests — like the carving competition, that keeps the skills alive.


How to do Rio Carnival like a local

by Red Hunt

Save money at the Rio Carnival in Brazil by joining the locals outside the Sambadrome for a free show and electric street party.


How to build an igloo

by Red Hunt

Looking for some cozy Winter Wonderful accommodation? You don’t have to be an Eskimo or Inuit to stay in an igloo. Try igloo camping in a pre-made igloo or, better yet, make one yourself. Here’s how!


Winterlude Wonderful Wines

by Red Hunt

Want a fun way to warm up this winter? Ottawa’s Winterlude festival now features a Winter Wines and Beer event. Along with local wine, beer and cider tasting, you will be treated to live jazz and blues music. Cold never tasted so good!


Finnish wilderness on a sleigh

by Red Hunt

Going on a reindeer safari is like dog-sledding, Finnish style. These docile beasts are easy to handle and can pull a “sledge” all day, allowing you to enjoy the pristine Lapland wilderness in northern Finland.