Couple Receives Hate Mail for Posting Vacation Photos on Facebook

by Jackie Campbell

It’s pretty tough not to get a little jealous on social media these days.

It seems like there’s always someone on Instagram with a better lunch than yours, someone on Twitter with better seats than you at the concert, and let’s not even get started about the content of Facebook news feeds when you reach 25—a surplus of engagement, wedding and baby pictures.

Apparently, the pangs of Facebook jealousy are all too real for a Wisconsin couple’s online “friend.”

According to The Globe and Mail, Jess and Dave Osinski received an anonymous letter in January (complete with Miami postage and a smiley-faced sticker on the back) about their photo-posting habits. “It’s a little upsetting seeing, hearing and reading about someone’s vacations all year while we all can’t afford one, ” the letter states.

The Osinskis, who say they have a standard number of vacation days, spread four vacations over the span of 2013. They visited three domestic locations (New York, Florida and San Francisco) and one international (Peru) for reasons ranging from leisure, trekking and a little giving-and-taking in the case of their New York trip, which was bought at a breast cancer benefit in 2012.

The letter, which was sent by someone who is apparently on the Osinskis Christmas card list, then went on to request a more conventional card in the future, instead of one showcasing their year of travels. The last sentence of the letter reveals what the penner had in mind: “Go have some kids and don’t be so selfish as to only think of yourselves all the time.”

Dave Osinski responded to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the “selfish, childless” comment, citing that both are members of Big Brothers and Big Sisters and that they give back in their own way despite their personal decision to not procreate.

Surprised and infuriated by the anonymous letter, Jess turned to Facebook again, posting: “Please feel free to unfriend us as obviously we are not ‘friends” alongside a copy of the note.

The couple told the Journal Sentinel that they will continue to post their travel photos in the future.


If you are on Facebook or other social media, does it bother you when someone posts their vacation photos, or does it inspire you to explore new places, or rather, allow you to live vicariously through them?