6 Travel Must-Haves You May Not Have Thought Of

by Kristen Sarah

Packing for a trip can be tricky. What should you bring? What should you leave behind? Having been on trips ranging everywhere from one week to 10 months over the past 10 years, I have perfected the ultimate packing list. The following are my top five travel must-haves that you may not have thought about bringing on your next trip – but I highly recommend adding them to your luggage.


A pashmina can be used for many things while travelling. Ladies can use it to cover up in Middle Eastern countries or churches and temples. Men can use it to cover their heads on hot days. It can be used as a pillowcase or blanket, a top or a skirt. It’s easy to pack and doesn’t take up much room.


A headlamp is good to bring on any trip. You can use it on night walks or for reading on an overnight train ride. A headlamp also makes activities like climbing, biking and hiking possible in the dark.

Dry Lite Towel

Jumping from city to city isn’t uncommon as a traveller. Getting up early in the morning to shower and pack before hopping on a bus to the next city is a normal and frequent occurrence. Another frequent occurrence is having to shove a wet towel into your backpack or suitcase, to unpack it again still in a wet, but now also smelly state. A Dry Lite Towel is the solution to this situation. It is the fastest drying towel you will ever own and it isn’t bulky like a typical towel, giving you more space to pack other things. It may cost a bit more than a regular towel, but trust me when I tell you that it will become one of your favourite items to pack for your travels.


You may be wondering why would rope be a great item to bring on my travels? Well, you’ll be surprised how often it will come in handy. If you don’t have access to a washer and dryer or want to save a little of money on laundry, you can wash your clothes by hand and hang them on your clothing line…made of rope. You can also use rope to tie items like a sleeping bag to the back of a backpack or hanging food high in a tree while camping (to avoid animals from taking your food at night).

Water Filter

Tap water may be okay for the locals but undrinkable for a foreigner. That is because the water in your country has different bacteria than those in other areas and your body isn’t immune the unfamiliar strains. That is why it is often recommended to drink bottled water when travelling. However, this can get costly, especially when travelling for an extended period of time. That is why investing in a water filtration pump is a great way to save money and drink clean filtered water wherever you go.

Door Stop

What could you possibly use a doorstop for on your travels? The answer is for your own safety. Even if you are staying in a nice-looking hostel, guesthouse or hotel room, it’s never a bad idea to be extra cautious of your stuff and, more importantly, your own safety. Wedging a doorstop in your room’s door before heading to bed will allow you to detect if anyone is trying to enter your room while you are sleeping.

What are your travel must-haves?


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