Where to Find Canada’s Craziest Caesars

by Ryan Massel

In 1969, the world’s first Caesar cocktail was created and served in Calgary, Alberta. But what started out as a simple beverage with little more than a tomato and clam juice base and stalk of celery has turned into an all-out showdown as mixologists across Canada continue to add their own flair to the original creation.

Here are five of the most interesting and outrageous versions of the Canadian-born Caesar!

Rock Lobster Food Co. (Toronto, Ontario)

The Rock Lobster Caesar: Canada’s first and famous Lobster Caesar! Served in a huge beer stein and rimmed with steak spice, filled with two ounces of Ketel One vodka, dashed with Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and fresh horseradish, and topped, of course, with Clamato. Garnished with a lime, lemon, celery stalk and the piece of glory: the Nova Scotia Lobster tail.

Cabana Bar and Grille (Kelowna, British Columbia)
Credit: Cabana Bar and Grille

Credit: Cabana Bar and Grille

The Crowd Pleaser: This over-the-top Caesar is made with two ounces of Canadian Club whisky, Clamato juice, ground horseradish, freshly shaved ginger and a celery stalk, and is topped with a mini cheeseburger, candied bacon, a pickle and a peppadew.

National (Calgary, Alberta)
Credit: Ryan Massel

Credit: Ryan Massel

The National Caesar: Available in a one-litre size, this Caesar is as exciting on the inside as it is on the out. The classic cocktail has been given a unique twist with the addition of IPA into the mix. And grab two pieces of bread because it’s topped with pepperoni and pickles—enough fixings for making the perfect sandwich to go with your drink.

Score on Davies (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Credit: Ryan Massel

Credit: Ryan Massel

Big Score: It’s an all-out Malanka with this Caesar that eats like a Ukrainian buffet. A hard-boiled egg, bacon, sausage, perogies and onion rings top this cocktail.

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen (Toronto, Ontario)
Credit: Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Credit: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Bungalow Island Caesar: It’s simple, it’s clean and it’s served with chopsticks. Looking to keep things fresh and spicy, Mildred’s serves up its signature Caesar with a pile of shaved celery and a homemade hot sauce so peppery they can only add a dash.

So whatever your flavour, it looks as though there’s an over-the-top Caesar to tempt even the choosiest of palates.

Your turn! Where’s your favourite Caesar?


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