14 Epic Sign Fails

24 October 2013

When you’re travelling, it’s always good to obey the signs. Unless of course, the signs completely fail at their job. Enjoy these epic 14 sign fails from around the world!

Story by: 

Joel Buxton


Thanks to Fail Blog for the images.

This Should Stop 'Em!

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Joel Buxton

Joel is a Toronto-based writer, comedian and musician. He contributes writing to Travel and Escape, Bite.ca, and Cottage Life digital properties. He is a producer for the popular Chuckle Co. stand-up comedy, and performs a new revue every Sunday with Canadian Comedy Award-winning troupe The Sketchersons. Joel sings and plays bass in Brunswick Project, a music collective which recently completed their 52 songs in 52 weeks challenge and produces songs for the Animal Song Channel.