4 Hotel Programs Health Fanatics Will Love

by Karen Kwan

On the road my sleep schedule is typically thrown off track, I’m eating different foods, and I don’t have full access to my usual gear and routines that help me maintain a healthy lifestyle. So I’m always on the lookout for hotels that make an effort to help their guests maintain a well-balanced routine. Here are four of my favourite programs.

Westin and New Balance

More often than not, I’m that girl wearing running shoes on the plane (as much as I’d like to be looking as posh as Victoria Beckham, that’s just not the case). That’s because running shoes take up a quarter of a carry-on suitcase, so if I plan to run when I’m travelling, it saves space for me to wear my runners on my flight. But at Westin, you can rent a pair of New Balance runners (you can also rent the rest of your run outfit, too). All for a low borrowing fee of $5.

Fairmont Fit

Like the Westin program, at Fairmont hotels, you can borrow Adidas gear to work up a sweat in. Need music to motivate you during your workout? You can borrow a Zune preloaded with EMI music. Runners will appreciate the running route maps available in select Fairmont hotels—I love this, as I have a very bad sense of direction, and in an unfamiliar city you never know when a run might lead you into a rough neighbourhood. With a small map in hand, I can feel confident I’m running a route that is safe.

MGM Grand Stay Well

The MGM Grand in Vegas offers Stay Well suites that are specially designed with health and wellbeing in mind. The suites offer nifty features such as an alarm clock that simulates dawn so you can wake up peacefully to morning light, aromatherapy for your room, and my favourite: the vitamin C-infused shower (the vitamin-enriched water is said to neutralize chlorine, thereby helping your hair and skin).

Hyatt Stay Fit

The days are often long when I’m travelling for work, and by the time I get back to my hotel, the gym is usually already closed. So Hyatt’s Stay Fit program, which includes 24-hour gyms, is a bonus for those of us who need to work out at midnight. Gear is available if you forgot anything at home, and you can ensure you don’t get lost on your run or ride by borrowing a GPS watch for your workout. Need to decompress with some yoga? Yogis can find classes right on the hotel room TVs with the Hyatt’s Yoga Away programming.