Solo Travel Tips for Men

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There are many solo female travel tips floating around the internet, but this focus is not something I entirely agree with. I have found travelling as a woman is quite easy if you have some common sense. In fact, in some ways, I think men have to be extra careful not to offend men in other countries. As well, there are many subtleties in even approaching a woman at the bar—meaning men often need tips that women do not.

But I cannot comment on what it is like to travel solo as a man, so I reached out to the travel blogger community to ask the men if they had any gender-specific stories or tips. You may be as surprised as I was to hear what they had to say.

Gary Arndt — Everything Everywhere

I was in Poland last week and there was a sign in all the men’s rooms about how you should be careful when local women take an interest in you and ask you to go to a nightclub. The scam is that they work with the bouncers at the club to shake you down to take your money. If you want to leave the club, you have to pay an outrageous amount.

The first day I was even in Thailand I stopped into a bar in Phuket to get out of the rain. No sooner had I sat down than a woman came up to me and started talking to me. This struck me as odd because that isn’t how it is supposed to work. Women don’t approach men.

In a nutshell, if any woman, especially a local, shows sudden interest in you out of the blue, it is almost certainly too good to be true.

Wes Nations — Johnny Vagabond

One thing I’ve learned—and this was fairly recently—is that the slightly charming beach town of Tela, Honduras, is home to the world’s ugliest transvestite. You’ll probably want to take my word on this.

Roy Abahram — RoyMarvelous

In my experience, if a girl messages you randomly on that she wants to meet for a drink, there’s a 30 to 50 percent chance that she expects you to be buying her drinks all night despite it being a “platonic” meet-up. Happened to me in Budapest and Latvia.

Raymond Walsh — Man on the Lam

If you ever go to a “ladyboy” show in Thailand, be sure to sit in the back. Here’s what happened when I sat up front…

Matt Karsten — Expert Vagabond

Beware groups of affectionate and scantily clad women—they may have ulterior motives. Find out how Matt lost and found his laptop here.

Matt Gibson —

Make sure your motorcycle works properly before driving it up the side of the highest mountain in the country.

Gareth Leonard — Tourist2Townie

Be careful when it comes to picking up women. Girls aren’t the only ones who need to be aware of who they’re going home with. Here are a few important things I’ve learned while travelling solo that might help you… If a women way out of your league approaches you on the street or in a club, take a deep breath and consider that she might want to rob you. If you’re going home with a girl, make sure you’re not being followed. Understand that there is no such thing as “friends with benefits” in many foreign cultures… prepare to wake up with a girlfriend. Check out 69 more lessons learned from Latin lovers over the past three years of travelling through South America.

Will Peach — My Spanish Adventure

Get in touch with your vulnerable side and face your fears as often as you can (i.e., get naked in unexpected places).

WATCH: Conor Woodman uncovers the Rio prostitute drink scam in SCAM CITY:

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