5 Free Things To Do in Hawaii that Should Cost a Fortune

by Vago Damitio

They say in life the best things are free, but we all know that usually is a crock of malarky. Food, housing, travel, clothing, family, medicine, education—all of these things cost money.

The thing is, though, sometimes you find that there is some truth to that old saying after all. Here are five things in Hawaii that are free to do—but should cost a fortune.

Going to the Beach

The beaches in Hawaii are among the best in the world. What’s more, public beach access on the islands is a right that is protected by law—you don’t have to pay to go to any beach in Hawaii. They are all free and everyone is welcome.

Hiking in the Rainforest

You can pay for a guide if you want, but the truth is you can find plenty of information online about where to hike in Hawaii, and it won’t cost you a cent. You can hike all day in public rainforests with no entrance fees, no charge for the guavas, and no charge for the bird watching.



Swimming in a Tropical Waterfall

You need to pay attention to the signs and learn about Leptosporosis (a tropical disease that can be contracted by contact with water contaminated by animal urine), but while you’re sweating on that hike in the tropical rainforests of Hawaii, don’t be surprised to come across a waterfall in the jungle. Falls like Maunawili and Manoa are fantastic for swimming and wading. Let the warm water wash over you and imagine yourself in a soap opera.

Seeing Giant Sea Turtles and Hawaiian Monk Seals on the Beach

Nobody will charge you to see the wildlife in Hawaii, but if you harass the animals, you will be charged a hefty fine, so remember not to approach the sea turtles or monk seals while they are lazing on the shoreline.



Watching the Sunrise and the Sunset

Because the islands aren’t very big, you can watch the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean as if you were in Japan, and then watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean as if you were in California. My favourite spot to watch the sunrise is from the bunker in Lanikai on Oahu’s Windward side. My favourite sunset spot is from Sunset Beach—it’s called that for a reason.

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