5 Cultural Experiences in Fez

by Vago Damitio

Fez is the spiritual and cultural capital of Morocco. Here are five activities that will give you the ultimate in cultural exploration in this remarkable city.

Artisanal Tour

Morocco is one of the few places on the globe where you can find artisans practicing their crafts in the same way they were conducted hundreds of years ago—but the hard part is finding the real artisans and crafts and avoiding the fakes. An artisanal tour is the best way to see the real thing.

Moroccan Cooking Class

A cooking course is a great way to take a bit of your travels home with you. The Clock Kitchen Cooking School offers authentic courses in a variety of traditional techniques. Chef Souad knows her stuff and is a real sweetheart on top of being able to teach you about Moroccan cuisine.


Explore the Architecture

Fez is filled with beautiful old riads, houses and palaces. Some of them have been restored to their pristine condition while others are in ruins. The medieval Islamic architecture of Fez is reason enough to visit this former imperial capital. If you really want to get into the details, book an architecture and garden tour.

Get Lost in the Old Medina

Watch out for donkeys! You won’t have to worry about getting run over by a car or motorbike in the Fez medina, but donkeys are still the primary means of transport within the ancient city walls. This is the largest car-free urban area in the world. Don’t get too lost!


Listen to the Call to Prayer from 365 Mosques

As the spiritual capital of Morocco, Fez has 365 mosques within the city. When it’s time for prayer, you can hear the muezzins (callers) giving the adhan (call to prayer) from all of them. This can be especially poignant at sunrise or sunset. Since they don’t coordinate their clocks down to the second, there is a surreal, other-worldly quality to the warbling sound. Of course, if you sleep too close to a mosque, don’t be surprised to be awoken at dawn!

For more about what you can do in Fez and Morocco have a look at Things to Do in Morocco. Enjoy Fez!