5 Offbeat Destinations in Morocco

by Vago Damitio

Morocco is one of the most photogenic countries on the planet. From the markets to the Sahara, there is never a lack of wonders worthy of a photograph.

Here are five offbeat destinations that you may not have heard about but are worth your time. Don’t forget your camera.


In the Middle Atlas mountains there are vast cedar forests that the Phoenicians used to build ships. The mountain town of Azrou is a picturesque village with a lively market on Tuesdays where the Berber tribes from the surrounding regions converge to sell blankets, rugs and handicrafts. If you trek into the mountains, you will find Barbary apes swinging in the cedars.

5 Offbeat Destinations in Morocco


Sefrou has been eclipsed by its neighbour, Fez, but the old medina (walled town) of Sefrou is actually older and more manageable than that of Fez. Just 28 kilometres south of Fez, Sefrou is great for a day trip. The waterfall just outside of Sefrou is a cool destination on hot summer days.


The ancient pirates of Morocco were based in Sale and caused problems for Europeans for hundreds of years. This was the centre for white slavery and nefarious deeds. Today, it is a relaxed seaside city where you can find delicious seafood and crowd-free beaches.


Morocco is famous for the Sahara, and most people miss out on visiting Ouarzazate, also called the Hollywood of Morocco. It was here that films such as The Mummy, Lawrence of Arabia, Prince of Persia, The Last Temptation of Christ and Gladiator were made. Most recently, it has been a location for the very popular HBO series Game of Thrones. There are studio museums and ancient desert fortresses that have been well preserved by the dry desert air.

5 Offbeat Destinations in Morocco


Everyone has heard of Marrakech, but most people go there for the old medina, Jmma el Fna, or the ruins. It’s the new parts of Marrakech you don’t want to miss, with red-hot world fusion cuisine, great chefs, fabulous nightclubs and an annual red carpet Film Festival that brings some of the biggest stars from around the world.

Monkeys, waterfalls, pirates, mummies and movie stars… I’ll bet you had no idea Morocco could offer so much!