6 Places to Search for Bigfoot

by Stacey Wittig

Haven’t you ever been a bit curious about the Bigfoot thing? The videos of the hairy beast crashing through the Oregonian forest… sightings by reputable sources… the many people that believe. Is he real? Or simply a fabrication?

Here are six places to search for Sasquatch. These adventure tours may bust the myth—or not. But don’t forget to bring your camera. You know, just in case.

1. Vancouver, British Columbia

Big Foot is “something of the gorilla type, said to stand four feet, seven inches in height, and weigh hundreds of pounds. He has long, black, strong hair and resembles a human being with one exception—his entire body, excepting his hands (or paws) and feet are covered with glossy hair about one inch long, ” according to the folks at BigFoot Safari located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

They further report that, in 1910, the murders of two miners—who were found with their heads cut off—were attributed to the ominous creature.

The 4×4 tour company purports to be a non-profit society dedicated to assisting with ongoing research of noted wildlife biologist John Bindernagel, author of The Great North American Ape, Sasquatch.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

Journey into the pristine wilderness of Honey Island Swamp, outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, with Honey Swamp Tours. They have been chasing Bigfoot—locally known as “Wookie”—for years.

According to Dr. Wagner, a wetlands ecologist, “It can get kind of spooky at night. Sometimes you don’t know what you are hearing. I was fishing near a canebrake one night and I heard some footsteps. Whatever it was, it sounded big. I turned to see the cane spreading apart, so I got out of there. Maybe it was Wookie, but I sure didn’t hang around to find out!”

6 Places to Search for Bigfoot

3. Flagstaff, Arizona

Okay, so you won’t find a living Bigfoot there, but if you will find Big Food. In northern Arizona, Bigfoot Bar-B-Q has been voted “Best BBQ of Flagstaff” nine years in a row. You could order the Bigfoot Steak & Cheese, but my fave is the Nawl Ens-style Junkyard Dawg. $9.99 buys a quarter-pound Spicy LaHot link topped with pulled pork and coleslaw. If you haven’t seen Bigfoot before, you’ll see the big Yeti man in your dreams after all this smokin’ BBQ.

4. Teslin, Yukon

Go to Teslin, Yukon, and talk to eyewitnesses who say they saw the hairy beast, took photos of a footprint about twice the size of a human print, and sent a patch of hair to a conservation officer in Whitehorse for a possible DNA review. While there, don’t miss the Nisutlin Bay Bridge, the longest bridge on the Alaska Highway.

6 Places to Search for Bigfoot

5. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Visit the Wisconsin Dells and search while riding Bigfoot Zipline Tours. These ziplines, developed by adventurous biologists to study the ecosystems of the rainforest canopy, are perfect for a Bigfoot hunt. Of course, you’ll have to be extra vigilant as you zip under, through and over tree tops at speeds up to 64 kilometres per hour. “Sky Ranger” guides escort you on a private or family tour on six different ziplines that are 3 to 30 metres off the ground.

6. Oregon

There are 837 records of Bigfoot sightings in Oregon since 1899, so what better place to go to search for Sasquatch? Tour operators recommend that you bring video cameras, audio recording devices and a side arm. Don’t forget the proper material for casting footprints—Plaster of Paris is not recommended because of its crumbling nature. First aid kits are also recommended.