How To Be Healthy in Vegas

by Karen Kwan

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” When that’s a city’s slogan, you might think activities of a healthy nature are few and far between. After all, they call it Sin City for a reason. But amid all the gambling, drinking and rich food, lo and behold, you can tend to your wellness while in Las Vegas. True story.

5 Healthy Things To Do in Vegas

Here are my top five picks:

1. Run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

It’s the flattest race I have ever run—that alone makes the Vegas race tops in my book. Plus, you’ve got scores of enthusiastic people (okay, some might’ve just been drunk) cheering you on. Oh, and the race takes place at night, so you have the dazzling lights of the Strip to enjoy as you slog through 42.2 kilometres.

2. Practice yoga with dolphins

I’m going to call this the coolest yoga class ever. The class takes place at the Mirage alongside the underwater viewing area of the hotel’s dolphin sanctuary. As you hold warrior pose, enjoy the peaceful view of the dolphins gracefully swimming by.

If you’re lucky, as I was, the dolphins will make several visits to the windows see what you’re doing. The $50 class includes spa access for the day.

3. Get your gait analyzed

Beginner and seasoned runners alike should take advantage of the Healthy Feet centre at the Canyon Ranch in The Venetian and book an appointment to get your gait analyzed. I’ve been wearing neutral runners and it turns out I over-pronate. With proper shoes for my pronation, I look forward to running more comfortably.

5 Healthy Things To Do in Vegas

4. Drink a healthy cocktail

Well, healthy might be a stretch, but hey, when’s the last time your martini had a vegetable in it? I’m talking about the Love Unit cocktail, a mix of Stoli vanilla vodka, grapefruit juice, red pepper purée and Thai basil, at Hyde Lounge in the Bellagio. Its unique, almost savoury flavour has me salivating right now.

5. Get your artistic butt kicked

A personal trainer takes you to see the $40-million art collection in Aria, but this is no leisurely tour. The one-hour hike incorporates sprints, push-ups, squats and stairs. I’m adding this one to my to-do list for the next time I’m in Vegas (I skipped it this time as I was resting up for the half-marathon). Sounds intense—I’ll have to try not to drip any sweat on the fine art.