5 Healthy Things To Do in Grenada

by Karen Kwan

I’ve been to a few tropical destinations in the Caribbean, but the one that stands out the most for me is Grenada.

I truly felt totally relaxed while I was there—and what could be healthier than some much-needed R&R? Here are my recommendations for the top five things to do to enjoy a healthy stay in Grenada.

1. Eat fresh seafood

I ate every last morsel of my fish creole at Coconut Beach Restaurant, a fun beachfront resto. But if you want something a little different—something you’ll have a harder time finding back home—the lambie calypso (conch cooked with herbs and served with fresh ginger and cream) is also delicious (I stole a bite or two from my lunch date).

5 Healthy Things to Do in Grenada

2. Practice yoga by the ocean

Normally, I get a bit impatient in your typical yoga class. But at LaLuna, with the class taking place in a stunning yoga pavilion looking toward the ocean, with the peaceful sound of waves crashing as I breathed in the salty ocean air, I was focused on the class and very intent on achieving the poses.

5 Healthy Things To Do in Grenada

3. Buy some nutmeg

Grenada’s big on production when it comes to nutmeg (along with cinnamon, ginger and cloves), hence the moniker “the Isle of Spice.” And it was great to get insight into how nutmeg goes from being picked to being used in popular Grenadian dishes with a tour of the Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station. Now when I add this fragrant spice to my pastitsio, I have a new appreciation for it.

5 Healthy Things to Do in Grenada

4. Sleep in luxury

Picture a posh boutique hotel located on a powdery sand beach where you can enjoy sublime peace and quiet (i.e., no people asking if you want your hair braided!). I was lucky enough to stay in a Royal Collection suite at Spice Island Beach Resort, which means I had my own 16 x 20 pool and sauna in my own private courtyard (handy if you want to skinny dip—not that I did!).

5. Swim in a waterfall

Cool off from the sun and burn some calories at the same time by taking a swim in the warm ocean water—or if you rent a car to explore the island, take a dip at Concord Waterfall, one of the island’s many waterfalls. Sure, you won’t be swimming laps here in this shallow water, but just taking in the beauty of the falls is plenty restorative.

5 Healthy Things to Do in Grenada