5 Awesome Adventures on Maui

18 January 2013

Want an adrenaline rush? Then we dare you to tackle one of these heart-pumping adventures you can only experience on the island of Maui.

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Seattle Dredge


Maui is considered one of the top destinations for adventure in the world, and you will understand why before you even touch down at Kahului Airport. Coasting in between the eastern and western mountain ranges, you are met with views of jagged volcanic peaks, winding dirt bike trails, raging waves along the coastline and a vast central plain suitable for daily exploration.

While Maui can provide a never-ending list of exhilarating activities and heart-pumping adrenaline, there are a few that stand out from the rest.

Here are five adventures on Maui that you absolutely cannot miss.


Take to the sky like a bird—it’s sure to be your favourite part of your entire Maui trip. And Dexter of Proflyght Paragliding does a terrific job of calming your nerves right before running you off the side of a mountain.

As soon as you are in the air, nothing else matters. With a view of the entire central island, including both mountain ranges towering above miles of stretching coastline, it’s hard to regret making the decision to fly.

You will be flying high above the earth, with your feet dangling above the open air and nothing in front of you but sun and wind. Enjoy your flight, because there is nothing quite like paragliding on Maui.

Top 5 Adventures on Maui

Mountain Biking Down a Volcano at Sunrise

Imagine your alarm waking you up at 1:00 am so you can catch your ride to the base of a volcano. The sky is pitch black as you ascend, and just as you hike your way to the very summit, the sun peaks over the clouds, bursting across the crater in a fiery display of light.

Like many tours available on Maui, Haleakala Bike Company can provide this experience for you. What sets them apart from the rest? After this breathtaking morning show, they steal your breath one more time by setting you lose on a mountain bike down the side of the volcano.

Spend an hour or two cycling back down to sea level as you watch the tropical Hawaiian countryside roll by—and enjoy a vacation above the average tourist.

Top 5 Adventures on Maui


You can snorkel just about anywhere on Maui, as long as you bring or rent your own gear. Two of the best snorkelling spots include Maluaka Beach and Kapalua Bay.

What sets Maui apart from other snorkelling destinations is the volcanic lava tunnels surrounding the island and the abundance of local sea turtles. On any given swim you will witness an average of two turtles.

Of course, you can also get to your destination by sea kayak or Hawaiian outrigger canoe for a little added adventure.

Top 5 Adventures on Maui

Helicopter Ride over Moloka’i Waterfalls

Moloka’i isn’t technically on Maui, but it is on one of the three neighbouring islands.

Head across the Pacific Channel with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters and discover a whole new world, uninhabited by people and resembling scenes straight out of Jurassic Park.

You will be safe inside the helicopter, but your heart will pump as you dip in and out of misty jungle valleys and come face-to-face with pounding waterfalls. On a foggy day, it will appear as if the waterfalls are cascading into the nothingness below.

Top 5 Adventures on Maui


There are two options for zip-lining on Maui, including Haleakala and Ka’anapali zip-lines with Skyline Eco Adventures. The Haleakala course is a great forest adventure, but the Ka’anapali course provides longer lines and air-rushing adrenaline over gaping mountain valleys.

The Ka’anapali zip-lines are comprised of eight lines, criss-crossing over mountain cliffs and arid desert valleys with a grand finale of an 1,800-foot descent.

Top 5 Adventures on Maui

If you have the opportunity to go on any of these adventures, take it. Take the plunge. Take the dive, jump, pedal or zip.

Seattle Dredge

Seattle Dredge is a young adventurer, travel blogger and photographer based in Toronto, Canada. She spends her days paragliding off mountains, biking down volcanoes and jumping out of airplanes, but equally enjoys a relaxing massage at a five-star hotel. Seattle is exploring the world one country, one photo and one great adventure at a time, sharing her experiences on Seattle’s Travels. And yes, her real name is Seattle.