Top 10 Eco-Friendly Countries

by T+E Staff

It’s a tiny nation in the South Pacific, but it’s managed to make a big environmental change. Tokelau, which is an independent territory of New Zealand and comprises the islands of Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo, has become the first nation to become entirely dependent on solar power for all its energy needs.

With funding from the New Zealand government, Tokelau has constructed solar panels that produce 150 percent of the island’s electricity needs. And when the sun is unable to provide enough energy, such as on cloudy days and in the evenings, the islands will use coconut oil to produce power.

Previously, Tokelau relied on some 2, 000 barrels of diesel per year to generate electricity—a trend in many remote South Pacific communities. The importing of fossil fuels is a huge financial and environmental drain on the region, especially in places such as Tokelau, which is perhaps one of the most remote of the South Pacific destinations. The closest atoll is approximately 500 kilometres north of Samoa, and there are no air landing strips or wharves. To access Tokelau, visitors need to take a boat from Samoa to the edge of Tokelau’s reefs; a landing barge then takes them onto shore.

If the project is successful, we could see plenty of other South Pacific islands following suit, creating a true environmentally friendly corner of the globe.

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