WATCH: Mad for Mead!

by Kristen Sarah

global feast

If you’ve never tried mead before, you’re missing out! This alcoholic beverage dates back nearly 8, 000 years, and has held a pivotal role in many cultures throughout the world. Mead, also called honey wine, is made by fermenting honey with yeast and is in its own class of alcohol.

I’ve been a big fan of mead ever since my old roommate made it in our kitchen this past summer. After one sip of this ancient beverage, I was hooked! That’s why, when I was in Columbus, Ohio, a few months ago and came across a place called Brother’s Drake Meadery and Bar, my jaw dropped. Before I knew it, I was inside this cute hangout, sipping on all different flavours of mead. And not only does Brother’s Drake make delicious mead, but it also provides a super friendly and funky environment.

Watch as I learn how mead is made, as well as visit some other delicious places that Columbus has to offer.

Watch part one of this two-part series HERE!


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