Burning Man Photos

by T+E Staff

This past weekend marked the annual Burning Man festival—an event that you could say defies explanation. Taking place in the sweltering heat of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, on an ancient lakebed known as the playa, it is an experiment in art, community and culture. Every year, thousands of visitors descend on this patch of desert to form a temporary community, known as Black Rock City.

Here, they celebrate life, self-expression and self-reliance, with no rules other than to accept and respect the community and one another. Some stay a week, some stay a month, but by the time the final visitors depart over the coming days, there will be no trace of the festival left behind—until next year, when creative and artistic souls from around the world will again return to Burning Man.

What’s the BURNING MAN experience? Check out our photos from the festival below!
Burning Man Photos
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