Top 4 Spiritual Centres in the USA

by UB Hawthorn

You don’t have to go to Asia or South America to have a spiritual experience. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your own home. But if you’re looking for a destination with some spiritual sizzle to kickstart you on the path or a nudge to disentangle you from a dark night of the soul, check out the American Southwest.

New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah are called the four corner states because their borders perfectly align at one heavily photographed tourist hoopla. From naturally occurring energy centres to sublime landscapes and spiritual retreat centres, the southwest is a magnet for all things divine.

Lama Foundation, a spiritual community and educational centre for people of all spiritual paths. Lama is the resting place of Murshid Samuel Lewis, the American Sufi who founded the Dances of Universal Peace. With its place in Sufi history, the community holds Sufi Zikr retreats as well as silent meditation retreats and a host of other programs in their May to September open season.

Shambhala International, which offers a range of meditation, Buddhist and contemplative arts programs. Shambhala also founded Naropa, a Buddhist-inspired contemplative university located in Boulder. The school hosts drop-in events such as nonviolent communication training and somatic arts concerts that offer a taste of what this unique school has to offer. Posters advertising group meditations, kirtans and Dances of Universal Peace are common sights in Boulder, so it’s easy to get oriented to the spiritual landscape.

And Boulder’s not just about what’s going on in town. Impressive rock formations called the Flatirons stand over the city as highly visible icons that call people back to nature. Locals and tourists alike heed that call and regularly head to the fringe of town to play in the mountains.

spiritual retreats and personal intensives are hosted in the park by various groups keen to tap into Zion’s power for personal and planetary transformation.

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