Adventure Capital of Africa:
Victoria Falls

by Dave & Deb,

As proud Canadians, we love to brag about Niagara Falls so when we visited Zambia to witness the great Victoria Falls, we weren’t expecting to be completely blown away. Boy, were we wrong!

Located in Livingstone, the adventure capital of Africa, Victoria Falls is a powerful display of rushing water. Fittingly named “The Smoke the Thunders” by European explorer David Livingstone, Victoria Falls will make even the most seasoned travelers look on in awe.

Situated on the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls is the largest sheet of any waterfall in the world. You can walk within a  few meters of the falls along a bridge that spans across the front of this massive deluge. It will give you a thrill as you are soaked by the spray of water and feel the rush of wind and rain nearly knocking you over the edge.

The people of Livingstone understand that people love to travel to Victoria Falls for a thrill. They not only want to witness a waterfall that is twice the height of Niagara, but to also have an extraordinary adventure that one can only have on the continent of Africa.

There is no shortage of adventure activities in Victoria Falls and here are a few of our favourites.

1. GORGE SWING – As seen on the Amazing Race. The Gorge Swing takes bungee jumping to the next level. Dive off the side of the Batoka gorge and freefall for 54 metres. It’s not over yet because once you reach the bottom of the gorge, you are whipped across to the other side in one swift jerk at speeds of 180 km per hour.

2. HELICOPTER RIDE OVER THE FALLS – They call this adventure white water rafting in the sky. The trip begins with a flight through the Batoka Gorge flying directly over the Zambezi River. You’ll toss and turn as you follow the zigzag pattern of the gorge before you climb high in the sky to fly over the massive Victoria Falls. Keep an eye out for wildlife; you will see some of the Big Five that Africa is known for (elephants, black rhinoceros, cape buffalos, lions and leopards).

3. CHOBE NATIONAL PARKSpeaking of wildlife, Chobe National Park in Botswana is only 70 km away. Add another country to your list as you visit this game reserve boasting one of the largest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. It’s known for it’s river cruise safaris and you can see all the big five basking on it banks of the Chobe River. We road our bicycles from Victoria Falls in the morning, crossed the border by mid-day and were on a river cruise in time for sunset to see the elephants and hippos taking their daily baths.


4. ABSEIL OVER VICTORIA FALLS GORGE – Do your best Tom Cruise impersonation as you rappel face first down a sheer cliff into the deep gorge below with the Mission Impossible theme song running through your brain. You choose which way to go: face first, backwards, this adventure is all up to you.

5. DIVE BETWEEN TWO COUNTRIES – Bungee jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge that links the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Located directly in the centre of the border bridge, you’ll dive 111 meters towards the Zambezi River in No Man’s Land. Known as being one of the greatest bungee jumps in the world, you’ll have bragging rights for years to come that you jumped from one of the most magnificent locations on earth.