Ghost Adventures This Week

by Lindsay Hogg

I don’t know much about paranormal activity, mostly because it scares me to even think about the existence of ghosts. So you can imagine how I was biting my nails during last week’s episode of Ghost Adventures on T+E.

If you missed it, last week’s ep had Zach, Nick and Aaron investigating an abandoned psychiatric hospital in northern New Jersey. The buildings are on 90 acres of land and connected through an eerie underground tunnel system. (It didn’t help, of course, that there just happens to be an abandoned psychiatric hospital a few towns from where I live and teenagers often snoop around the grounds. I’ve gone there with friends and have refused to get out of the car, let alone go into the buildings.)

This New Jersey hospital operated during a period when being mentally ill was shameful and was hidden from society. The facility employed barbaric therapies like shock treatment, hydro therapy and diathermic methods, resulting in well over ten thousand deaths among the mentally unstable and criminally insane patients.

After learning about sightings and being given warnings from locals, Zach, Nick and Aaron still chose to lock themselves in the rundown hospital buildings after dark, of course. They refused to use flashlights and explored the buildings in pitch black, but thankfully at least wore masks to protect them from the black mould and asbestos.

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Although I thought it was odd that they would call out to the ghosts of the building, it seemed to have worked, as there were numerous occurrences of noises and sightings captured on camera. They claimed to feel energies, such as sweeps of emotion or the feeling of being cold. (If I felt a sweep of chills in an abandoned hospital for the mentally ill, I would have broken a window and been running for the hills!)

Still, simply watching these guys investigate different rooms and tunnels made the hair on my arms stand up. The voices caught on tape were creepy enough, but what made them more eerie was what the voices were saying, including a girl singing and someone saying: “Help me”.

The worst of these was when Nick was locked in the morgue – by choice – and “Die” was whispered. Aaron and Zach then became lost in the building and couldn’t get back to Nick as he began banging on the cold chamber to be let out. It was almost like the Blair Witch Project, but real.

Imagine you were locked in one of the cold chambers of an abandoned morgue. What would you do?