Explore the waters with Distant Shores

by Paul & Sheryl Shard

Sailing and travelling by boat was a dream for us and is now a way of life!

Sailing to destinations, especially islands, always seems a good way to arrive since it allows us to appreciate the way people came here back in the long history of the islands. We hope to share these experiences with you as you tune into Distant Shores every week on the new Travel+Escape channel.

It does indeed seems like a distant shore when, years ago, we dreamed and made plans to sail the world while building our first boat from a bare hull. We’ve since travelled over 80, 000 miles and always find that the excitement and romance of arriving by sail to a new destination only adds to the experience for us.

A definite highlight for us this year was taking in the number of exotic destinations during our Middle East cruise − and we hope you won’t miss these episodes when they air on Travel + Escape this season. At the time, I didn’t think we would be able to sail to Cyprus (North and South), Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Egypt, and even now, it seem somehow all seems from another time.

The tensions in Cyprus were just a warmer-upper for the rest of the Middle East to come! You’ll have to watch to find out what happens.

Either way, we hope you enjoy joining us on our journey, both on TV and here at, and that doing so inspires some new travel ideas of your own.

Fair Winds,
Paul & Sheryl

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